Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What ever happened to that penny rug project?

I have not worked on this in months! Look at all the pennies I still have to stitch. If I would have picked a little one to start with, I'd be done by now. NO, not me. I pick the most difficult item. It was the same in my Upholstery class. I already picked the chair and the fabric before my first class..come to find out that patterns and flowers are for advanced students..LMAO. The teacher, let me work on it, though and it turned out pretty good.

I would really like to have this penny rug finished by Christmas! I was thinking about making some as gifts...yeah, right! Too time consuming. I think what bothers me the most about stitchin this rug is...all the yarn has been cut into pieces, so I have to re-thread the needle for every penny! Not my idea of fun, really.

In other news: This morning was a frickin train wreck! So, I wake up early (about 5:30) cuz my mind knows I have something to do, I suppose. I drive to the vet hospital and I get.."We do not take stray's anymore!" They direct me to another facility (that I have difficulty finding) Then, when I finally do find it , I am pretty worked up. They ask me, "Have you been approved thru blahblahblah?" WHAT? Of course by this time I am a bit angry and start lashing out at the receptionist and I am feeling terrible about carting that poor kitty around all morning and he is so stressed out and sore from struggling. I start crying and convince the lady to just take the animal and I would pay for it. I had no problem paying for any of the vet care. (I guess the ferrel program is free) My concern was this poor thing that I did not know what to do with! After leaving him there, I was still worked up from it and I cry halfway home. I am such a baby when I PMS! (thanks EVE! You bitch! LOL) So, now I have set an appointment for Friday. Apparently, Friday is the only day they are accepted and with an appointment. URRGH. It would have been nice to get that update. When i got home, I just crawled in bed and napped for a couple hours.

Now, I am up and ready to start a new project. I only have about 3 hours till my afternoon gets busy with errands, so I hope I can get something accomplished. Thanks girls for all your nice compliments on my last blog. It is nice to know there are plenty of kitty lovers out there! HUGS~


Pease Porridge said...

OH Jenny, You are something of a Saint! I feel for you and hugs, but I can not lie, just a little entertaining picturing you running around all morning with your captured cat! Not funny at all at the time I am sure. I am glad you were able to work something out. :) That penny rug looks like a nightmare to me. Good luck with that! You will probably have it done by morning. Ha ha HUGS Again! Jennifer

Crowing About Primitives said...

I to am at the same stag as you are on my penny rug.. we both bought ours from the same lady... I never seem to start small ... go big or go home..lol.. one day I will get it done.. maybe over the winter months..


LisaLectura*creations said...

Hi Jenny! Sending you Creative *V*I*B*E*S*! Can't wait to see when it is done. Also I feel for you so much! I am just the same when I'm PMSing!

Big Hugs,
Lisa :)