Monday, August 11, 2008

~Veronica the blonde witch on ebay!~

YEAHHH~ I got my blonde witch finished. I love how she turned out. The big hat is awsome. The paper clay pumpkin is my first attempt and I am pretty happy with it.

She will be listed on Ebay this afternoon. To view her auctions click on her picture.

Now, it is time to go to the post office and the grocery store. Tonight, I have to trap that kitty. I found out, I have more than one to trap! Great. That means I have to get up at by 6:15 those mornings. I am not looking forward to any of it, really, but it must be done.
My neighbor thinks there is a pregnant female around. I have yet to see her, but I think she comes out really late at night to eat. That is tough, cuz I do not know what they do with pregnant cats. We really do not need any more kittens around here, but I would hate for them to abort her. UGGH. I wish they could give all the ferrel kitties a "friendly" So, I could find them all homes! LMAO. Yes, I am in dreamland!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

your doll is absolutely adorable...she is going to go like hot cakes...I love that dress! love the orange trim with the white stitching..really makes it stand also did a great job on the pumpkin...your dolls just keep getting better and better..onto the cats if you find the mama, they may see how far she is and they may also abort them..depends on your might want to call them...I wish I could take them all home...and just give them lots of love...have a great day...")

Pea said...

Your dolly is very nice Jenny. She should do very well for you.
I agree with Jenny that the trim is sweetly done and adds just the right touch to the dress.

anniebeez said...

I love your blonde witch Jenny! I received your bunny today, and I love love love her!! Thank you so much! She is sitting in a cherished little chair in my entryway.((hugz))~Annie

Pease Porridge said...

Perfect choice of hair color! Looks so good on her. Everything about her is perfect Jenny! :)
I wish I could take all those sweet little kittens. Surprisingly, I have not had to deal with one stray yet where I live. Knock on wood.


Deb's Country Crafts said...

Your blonde witch is so pretty, Jenny. She will sell fast for you I hope. Good luck with the kitties, be safe. I have so many things going all at once right now, it will be nice when I get them all done and I can start on new projects. So much to do so little time, lol.
Take care, Debbie

LisaLectura*creations said...

Hi Jenny! This witch is a cutie! Just loving her hair! Also, thanks for your sweet comments and ever lovin' support in my art! I'll be listing that Faith painting late tomorrow afternoon! Like the song goes "Cause I gotta have faith...Mmm, I gotta have faith" lol! Wishing you more luck with helping those kitties!

Lisa :)

Shay said...

Hi Jenny! She's adorable, such a cutie! I have that same fabric, I just love it!! Haven't used it yet, but I'm getting there!! Good luck with kitties! I hate when people do NOT take care of their animals, it's such a shame!
Smiles & hugs,