Sunday, August 31, 2008

~Pease be with you~

I finally got some frames for a couple paintings I bought from Jennifer Pease of Hot Tamale Art Studio. I have been wanting to do that for a long time. I totally forgot I had two others to get! Oh well.
As you can tell, if I do not have much to share in my own creations, I like to showcase other artist. Jennifer is Cris's sister. It's really neat that I get to collect from two sisters who paint. Jennifer is doing pretty good. I got outbid on her witch painting for $130 (8x10) Seriously, that is in the likes of Gritty Jane!
~Keep it up Jennifer!~ LOL, but of course now I must pay more myself. I think what I love about her work is they have little bitty kitties in them...LOL No, seriously, she has been able to create a style of her own and that is awesome. Something, I lacked in my paintings..but that is why I make dolls. Painting did not make me as happy as doll making does!!


Pease Porridge said...

OH Jenny! What a beautiful frame. It really sets the painting off. I love how it looks. Wow... I should take the time to do that more often for myself. I love it. Believe me, that witch painting was a shock to me too. A nice one. :)

Thank you for sharing Jenny.
Lots of Hugs

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

How cute is that painting and the little kitty...our neighbors found a kitten tonight...about 10 weeks old...little boy..cute as can be...they had to bring him over and let us meet him...they are naming him C.B. for cuddle butt...cute huh...hope you are enjoying your weekend..I got 1 towel finished today...hoping to work on more this week..still gotta get my site finished...and list the dolls etc...most of my halloween stuff is going up and maybe one christmas item...then next month..all christmas I suppose...take care..can't wait to see your grim reaper doll that you both have made...:)

Cris said...

Wow! Sis's painting looks amazing in that frame. You are so kind to support fellow artists the way you do.