Friday, August 15, 2008

New project, finally!

The morning is almost over and this is all I have accomplished. I need to get going on it because I have to clean the house. I forgot that Dave's sister, cousin and some other people are coming over, tonight, to watch the Olympics. Boy, I got a lot to do! I think I will switch off between creating my doll and cleaning. Maybe I can still get it all done!
I has been raining since 3 am last night. It is cold and dreary...just how I like it! LOL. It is a rare thing, here in sunny Colorado, so I am always happy when it is here. It reminds me of Ohio and Missouri! It seems always cloudy in those states.
Anyway, I was supposed to capture that little kitty last night, but when I went to take the trap out, he was already waiting on the porch. So, I decided against it and took out some tuna for him. He started to run off when I showed him the food and tried coaxing him to come get it. Well, he started crying (he was sooo hungry) and was very tempted to come close to me to get it. I could only sit motionless, about 5 feet away while he devoured it. I was heart broken, but I thought about how well he did compared to the other strays who leave when they see me. My plan is to let him see me every time he eats and after a while, maybe he will get better. He is still pretty young, so there is time to get him nuetered.
Well, I should be getting to work. I hope you have a fun and creative day!


~Tonya said...

I am sure your dollie is calling your name. LOL Mine do!

Love that Halloween Fabric, almost bought me some a while back.

I hope you can tame that kitty. It took us many months, nights, hours and attempts to try to get King to trust us.

You can not rush it. We thought King was younger then what he is...he is about 2 to 3 years old. Gaining trust on older cats is so much harder.

Good luck to you. Are you looking to tame him and keep him?

Have fun cleaning and have fun visiting.

Marie Antionette said...

Well Jenny you have been busy.I have not been able to blog for over 9 days.Puter crashed.Just got this one up last nite.Your dolls and nodders are as usual fantastic.It will take alot of time with the kitty.You are so right,somes I wish I did not care either.I was watching a commerical with Sarah Mcl.singing In the arms of an Angel, while showing sad little kitties and dogs.It made me cry. I can't have cats because of my peacocks.But I did go get a puppy just a few days ago.I already have a Rottweiller,so I got a female ,I named Belle.She is so sweet and very smart for 10 weeks old.My rott rip,loves her.And he is 6 years old.He licks her and she follows him everywhere.what a site.enough...hugs marie Antionette