Thursday, August 21, 2008

My friend Emerson

Here is our neighbor, Emerson. He is a big kitty. He is pictured here, just hanging out watching the birdies that I feed. You should see how he can jump up and grap them out of the air! WOW. Of course I will have none of that while I am out there with him, so we just hang out together.
I asked his owner if he was fixed and she said "yes", but he still has his balls. HUH? Is it possible? Well, I hope so...I do not want to have to capture him and have him nuetered! And yes, I would do that to someone elses cat. Especially, if they let him roam the neighborhood! More babies means more capturing and more money for me! So, let's hope that kitties can still have balls after being castrated?!
Anway, I have been under the weather, the last few days with a headache. I am hoping that it is over and I can start creating again.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Emerson is too cute..balls and qwack me up...but I am wondering if it is possible...ask your vet...they will tell you....hope you are feeling better...:)

~Tonya said...

Yup, that is the way it is. Just like when men are "clipped", they still have know whats.

LOL All 3 of my cats still have them too. ;) It is done internally, but the thingys remain intact.

Emerson looks just like King, except older and bigger. So very odd. They could be brothers.

Glad to hear that you are doing better Jenny. I hope your headache and such stays away for you.