Friday, August 22, 2008

My Castle

I took this picture when I was outside playing with Emerson. Wow, the brick is still wet from all the rain over the weekend. HUH? Funny, I just noticed that. This was the 2nd project that I designed the exterior. It was fun and modeled after a 4.5 million dollar estate in Cherry Creek. Well, it is not like that home, but has similar

My office is in that front room, upstairs. Too bad that is not a real balcony. I only put a window in. I did not want my kitty going out there. Plus, I have no reason to hang on that balcony either.

Our home dominates the block! People often ask if we renovated it. Does it look old to you? LOL I love the patina on the downspout! Well, I just thought I would share my home.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

your house does look old and it is beautiful..patina and all..whats the square footage..I am all about the square footage.....:)

Jenny said...

2200 above ground. 3300 total!

Perfect for two people LMAO.