Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My beloved Banny Bat on Ebay!

Yes, I gave in and posted my pretty lil princess! She is so adorable! If you want to check out her auction, click on the image. She will only be listed for five days. It should be interesting to see if others think she is as cute as I do..

I still have that Kitty doll I needle felted. I was sure someone would love her. I may put her on ETSY till the fall, and if she does not go there...maybe it will have picked up by then. I have a lot of dolls on ETSY, right now.

Well, I found out we are not doing the WSOAPP blog sale till September, so I am off the hook this week. I am still concerned that I do not have enough clients to sell thru it. I have had a few ladies that have been returning and I love that. I really cherish their support ~ THANKS & HUGS~
"You really keep me going and I cherish that!" I am gonna have to add something even more special to those packages.

Well, I have work to do and not to mention cleaning and laundry! uggh. That is what happens when you take time off...more stuff to do when you return! Have a lovely day!

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~Tonya said...

Having repeat customers is so very nice, isn't it. Your Bat dollie, she is sweet. I am sure she will do well.

I love adding things in for my customers...I think they love them too.

Well, I have to get my kiddies packed up to go to Auntie Kims...just me and the hubby till Sunday mid morning.