Sunday, August 10, 2008

More art to share

When I saw this piece by Gritty Jane on Ebay, I just had to have it. I want to find the perfect (silk) flowers to put it in. I love all her paintings! I especially like collecting the blonde angels...since I spend so much money on keeping my head

I made a pumpkin out of paper clay, last night for my blonde witch. It takes a couple of days to dry, so I had to get it finished if I want to list her tomorrow night.

She will be so neat. I am hand stitching a lot of ribbon to I hope she is well received.

Here is another piece I bought on Ebay. This adorable scarecrow from Karen at Cotton Pickin Ranch. It is so grungy, I love it!! Plus, radishes are my favorite!

Now, I cannot wait to have the house decorated for fall & Halloween! I would love to find a nice wreath for the front door. So, we will have to keep looking on E-bay for that!

Good news in my world, today: I made my first DOLL sale on ETSY! YIPPY. When I got the notification, I was like: "What is this? I don't have anything on EBAY for $75?!" DUH!

Well, I am gonna go watch the olympics and possibly work on my dolly some more. Have a nice evening!

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Pease Porridge said...

Love your newest art purchases Jenny!

How fun to get that email from Etsy! That is just like BONUS! Cool.