Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Finally, one down. Two to go. Megan turned out really cute. I bought some new halloween themed stamps at Michael's, yesterday. The spider on her badge fits perfectly with her cob web dress and her banner says "EEEEEEEEK". Which is what I scream when I see a spider. LOL Her hair is to die for! WOW. That would take me hours to curl my hair like that. LOL

So, hopefully, I have her two friends finished today. So, I can get them listed. I am almost done, actually. I just have a lot of picture to take and getting them posted onto photobucket and well you know the drill.

I was so tempted to keep this doll. I hung her up next to Cris's (Mommy's Midwest Mountain Folk Art) paintings, with all the fall colors and oooh she looked good. Oh, well, I spend way too much money on other peoples art to hang onto my own. I really hope that whoever wins this cutie loves her as much as I do.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Jen,
She is absolutely adorable!!!!!!!! I hope you do well with her...:)can't wait to see the others...

~Tonya said...

The PARTY girls are so sweet. I think a picture of them all together would be so neat. I love group pictures.

I am sure you will do well with them.

Can't wait to see the last one.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Love your new dollies... the party girl looks just like Marilyn Monroe !!!
Hey, how do you like Denver with all those people there now ????

Jenny said...

Hi Gina~

Thanks for the compliments!


I think I will put them all together for a photo, tomorrow!

Hi Linda~

I have not ran into anyone yet, as I go the opposite direction when going ot JoAnn's or Michaels...LOL

But I am only a few blocks away, I should walk up there and check it out. My nieghbor just drove by like 100 cops with riot gear on! LMAO~