Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Isabella on E-bay

To view her auction click on her picture.
I hope she finds a wonderful home.
Thanks for all your support!


Cris said...

Aww, Isabella is so darn cute! I love her freckles! Yes, I do believe you need the phone number to Collectors Annonymous! LOL! I wish I could afford to buy all the cute things I see, but with two kids in college, man oh man! Maybe someday. Speaking of collecting, you should receive your package from me tomorrow or Thursday! Have a great evening!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey there Jenny..she is adorable and I love her freckles also...gives her such a sweetness about her...got your comment on my blog...boy are you subtle or what...just kidding..I am going to work on all of it this next week...I will send off what i have done and then work on the casserole carriers and send them seperately...Hey I have a website that has free embroidery names...every name you can think of...do you want your nephews names on the scarves or just their initials...I need that info anyway...it is too cool...if you read my blog you seen it in the purse I made for my hairdresser...turned out really nice..do you want your name or your sister in laws names on the scarves..hats etc...I need to bill you for the towels and 2 hats for your nephews...I am not charging you shipping cause you have already paid for a lot of it...:) how is your baby kitty? I will talk to you soon...I must learn how you do those dresses...I love them...take care. great big hugs to you!!!! Gina :)

~Tonya said...

A sweet kitty cat dollie. Love her all finished.

And part of it going to the Humane Society, very nice of you Jenny.

How is that little kitty doing? Have you made any progress on him.

Take Care and have a great morning.