Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Devil Nodder

I finally got around to working on my newest creation. Things are done a little differently, in my world. Notice how I started painting her before I even attached her horns or eye lids? Call me crazy. I do not have much time, so hopefully I will be able to finish her this afternoon after I pick up the kitty cat.

I am going to work on an angel nodder to list with this one. Not sure how I am going to work in wings on a nodder. So, that will be a surprise to both of us!

I suppose I should be getting ready to go. I have dolls to mail, groceries to buy (didn't I just buy groceries?)~ Life feels so repetitive sometimes~


Pease Porridge said...

She is going to be a Hot one. hee hee. Like her golden eyes.


crafty said...

luv the eye colour.
for the angel why not use just a halo, will save a lot of time and maybe trouble
just adore your work and blog