Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Angel & Devil Nodders on Ebay

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Angel Nodder

Well, the ferel cat was released this morning. He was ready. He was hissing so I knew he had his wits about him. He also urinated in the crate and tore it up. I think he did eat a little bit, though, so that is good. Gosh, cat urine is horrid. I had to spray the towels off and crate and I even changed my clothes and I still felt I smelled. Shadow kept walking around the house trying to find the smell. I was working in my office when she kept coming over to me and she found a tiny little spot on my arm. So, I let her inspect me more to see if she could find anymore. YUCK.

Tomorrow night I have to do this all over again. This time , I am hoping to get the little kitten. I am worried about that little one cuz I do not want him to go thru the same thing. The other kitty just bloodied up the cage trying to dig his way sad. You know this cat population problem makes me dislike people (uggh) Love thy is really hard when you live in a neighborhood that people allow their cats outside, don't spay or neuter them or just don't give a shit. Then there are people like me who have to spend money and work twice as hard to clean up their mess! I know I am complaining, I am just irritated at people. This is why I want to move to the country. Living in the hood, well it is just that, the HOOD. I am sick of it!

Well, I need a break from all this creating. I poked a hole in my forefinger a few days ago (with a rusty wire!) It was tiny but deep so the throbbing was ferocious. Today, I forgot to keep a bandage on it and stabbed the same spot with the back end of the curved needle. DARN IT! This time the pain was horrid, but I had to finish what I was working on. Not easy with a sore finger! I stab myself way too much. Is it because I am a beginner? JEEZ. This job is dangerous.

Well, time to grab some lunch. I hope you are having fun today! Till later.


albasworld said...

Hi Jenny,

That is such a shame about the cats! People are awful, I know. I don't have a cat problem here but my friends across town had it and they took it 29 cats and kept 4!! Can you imagine?! Their feed bill is huge since they feed all these strays until they can catch them. Terrible.

You know, when I was sewing everyday, it just wasn't complete until I had several holes in my thumb or my finger. I know the feeling. Then I got some of those soft leather thimbles with the metal tip inside the leather, and things went much better. I just couldn't stand a normal thimble. I put one on the finger I push with, and the finger or thumb that gets stabbed all the time. Maybe you should try that, lol.

Anyway, take a deep breath and know that you are doing something important and caring for the kitties. I am proud of you - not many people would do it, so good for you and your reward is waiting for you, I'm sure.

Take care sweetie and hope you have a magical week.

Hugs & smiles, alba

Pease Porridge said...

You poor girl! It would be a wonderful place if everyone would take care of animals the way they should. I can not even watch animal cops. It makes me sooo sad. By doing what you are doing you have made a difference in those cats lives and the future problem cats in your neighborhood. That is huge. You should be very proud!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

yeah what all of the above comments are doing a wonderful thing..we used to feed the kittys in italy all the time..they think by leaving the garbage cans open that that is enough to feed these poor used to just break my heart..some lady said they can eat what happens when you eat grass...they throw up...stupid people..a lady at the italian airport got into it with me cause I had the smarts to fix my cats..I told her I had to feed all the homeless ones because of the mentality there..don't get me started..cause they will lose...Cat urine is a hard thing to get rid of..use vinegar or clorax to get rid of the smell...just becareful..don't wantcha bleachin the whole place...good luck with the little one..I poke my fingers all the time..especially when I am in cram mode and my fingers are getting raw..mostly the middle finger on my left those leather thimbles help...take care my dear...:)

Cris said...

Oh dear, it sounds like you are having a time with all those kitties! That must be so frustrating! Just know that you are an angel to kitties everywhere! I hope your fingers feel better and you have a restful evening!
Hugs! Cris

Deb's Country Crafts said...

Oh, Jenny you sure have had a time with those cats. I know what you mean about caring too much, I always say that I do and sometimes wish I didn't. Then we wouldn't be who we are though would we. I hope it works out this time that you get the kitten in the trap.
I poke my fingers all the time I did last night as a matter of fact finishing up the purses I put on my blog today. I put the needle though the same spot on my finger a couple times, it makes you see stars for a minute doesn't it. Tis the season for that sort of thing we are all in a rush to get lots done. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you, take care, Debbie

LisaLectura*creations said...

Oh Jenny! You are doing such a great thing in helping these kitties! You are a saint indeed! Also, I'm a big clutz when it comes to stitching. Haven't stitched up in a while but plan to real soon. Now that my fingers are fully healed, hopefully I'll be more careful. Yah right!

Lisa :)