Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I am NOT working on.

Well, I did not get very much crafting done, today. I tried making a paper clay pot, but I am not all that happy with it..It is bigger than I wanted it to be. So, luckily I bought one that was already made, for my Helga witch. Thank goodness for Micheals.
I bought a lot of paperclay, so I can try making more things. I was just impatient, today. PMS, probably. I wish I got more done, but I am feeling once again a bit unmotivated..Darn Ebay. It is really slow, at least for me. I cannot stop thinking about keeping the Helga doll I made. She is so much fun. I cannot decide! I bought some fun purple plaid fabric, so I could make her again, but with a different skirt...lol
I have one bid, so far, for Wendy & Boo Kitty. I am so grateful for that customer. She has been the best! I think this will make her 4th purchase of my art, so I am loving her!
I have had some requests for specific dolls (like my neighbor wanted an angel and the devil) I should just do those, at least I think I would get a sale! LOL So, Amy if you are reading this....I bet you cannot afford it now with Baron...lol Oh well. Money is tight for alot of people, I suppose.
So, this is my project that I hope I can finish tomorrow. I made him before, but changed him a bit. I think I am just gonna call it a day and relax for a while. Tomorrow is a new day, I probably burnt myself out...I bet I worked a 12 hour day, yesterday. Have a nice evening!


Crowing About Primitives said...

Hi Jenny.. I have had this doll pattern cut out and stuffed for a year now.. every time I go to do it I get busy with an order.. lol.. Yep you customer is a great customer to a lot of us out there... that is who I am making my order for... When are you going to be listing your Frankenstein's..


Pease Porridge said...

Yes, you just need to relax. It is slow for everyone right now. Your dolls are awesome! It will pick up. I will be shocked if that Skelly Boo does not go. If it doesn't, just enjoy her for awhile and pull her out again in the fall. Your dolls are wonderful it is just the time of year. People will start shopping more come Sept.

By the way, I love your new orange guy. Such a cute face.

Jenny said...

Hi Anne~

I am listing the Frankenstiens for our group launch this Sunday. :)

That is funny about Jack & Scat..lol That is good that you have orders.

I love the hair BTW..I am already on my2nd Helga cuz I want to keep my first one.



Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Hi Peace...you know I do not know your first name...LMAO

Anyway, you are soooo right I was just talking to hubby about that...Keeping them till fall. Instead of lowering my prices..I feel my dolls are worth it. I may just make as much as I want and only list one every 5 days instead of sooo many. I can still make them, but I will have more for the fall to sell.

Thanks for the encouragement and the compliments.



Pease Porridge said...

It is Jennifer just like you! :)

Yes, if they don't sell I think you should just hold on to them until fall. Then you will have them in stock.

Jenny said...


That is interesting cuz I briefing wondered if it was Jennifer. Maybe you signed your card that way or something..I am dence sometimes...lol

Marie Antionette said...

Hi Jenny,just stop by to see if you got out of your down day.You have been a little busy.
sales are down for everybody these days.It certainly is not your wonderful ,fantastic dolls.I love the angel and devil idea.I would like to see those.
as the rednecks say...Get ter done...LOL Marie Antionette

Jenny said...

Hi Marie,

Well, thanks for checking up on me...LOL Yes, I got a lot done on Monday. Tuesday, not as much. But Maybe I need every other day to get my juices flowing...lol

Red Neck, ay? Yes, I know all too well. I grew up in a small town in Ohio. RedNeck ville. LOL

Have a good one!


anniebeez said...

Jenny I have recently discovered your blog. Don't worry, Ebay is always the pits in the summer, and the economy is freaking people out these days. Wait until Fall, everyone will want to decorate with your wonderful dolls-who could resist! Hang in there, your work is wonderful!~Annie

Anonymous said...

LOL - Yeah, we're calling Bear our new car :O). Oh well, it is what it is - we'd of paid 3x as much as we did, just to have him back in our lives and healthy and happy. It was worth every penny!! Thanks for taking such great care of him! Your hugs and love help!!!