Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vampire Shaker

I finished another shaker. I needle sculpted his teeth, so they have dimension. I love his cape, really cute.

I finished Helga last night, except adding all her bells, making her banner and well, making he clay pot. I have to go to Michaels today to get those supplies. That should be interesting. Never worked with paper clay before. But, I have been wanting to, so this is a good start.

I worked last night, so it was a very productive day for me. I even started the pumpkin make-do. I could be finished with my weekly dolls by Thursday. I am gonna have to think of something different to make. I wanted to make another witch stocking...a little different from my last one. So, maybe I will do that.
My office is a disaster area, again. When I am working there is stuff all over the place. I clean at the end of the week only to mess it up again. I bet you all are like that too...if not, WOW that is amazing..lol

Oh, and those of you who read the story about Baron. His surgery went well. They had to take his spleen out, but other than that he should be home soon. I will be visiting him a couple times a day to check up on him while his parents are at work. Poor little pooper and boy he has become an expensive baby (surgery and night in the hospital) Time for pet insurance! Well, I hope that after all this trauma and drama, that his life is much easier and less expensive! I would do the same for my boo kitties!

I am off to get some more crafting done..Have a nice day.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I van't to drink your blood! he is very cute...good job too...still working on helga..trying to get her done today..then onto something else..As for pet insurance, we had it once and would never get it again..they jack you around, at least the one we had through our vet clinic...basically they decide whether you pet has had the problem before or not and we had our vet write them a letter for one of our kittys stating that this was an ongoing thing blah blah and they still wouldn't accept it..so we cancelled it..no use in paying for something on a monthly basis only to tell you, NO we are not going to cover that one..hope your shopping day at michaels is a great one...
talk to you soon...:)

Jenny said...
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