Monday, July 21, 2008

Tosha ~ October Puppy

AHHHH, what a pretty little puppy. I named her Tosha, after our Wiemeriener who passed away last year. She was quite a bit of work, but I think she was totally worth it. I even needle felted her little black paws on her feet. Her eyes are blue glass with starbusts, very pretty. I will probably be listing this little one this Sunday. I will email a sneak peak with her auction link when I am finished with her friend the kitty doll. I cannot wait to start working on her!


Pease Porridge said...

OH sooo cute Jenny! I love the feet or paws. Very cute! Can't wait to see the cat.

Cotton Pickin' Ranch said...

Hey Jenny, I just read this post about your Wiemeriener and I have to tell you....this is too odd...I bid on your doggie doll for my little girl who's dog was in the hospital today getting fixed...but I love Wiemerieners and have raised two of them myself!!! I love the breed!

Jenny said...

Hi Karen!

Yes, Tosha...she was a spaz though, drove me crazy. DId not like cats either...and I am a cat lover, so that relationship was a wee bit hard.

This doll is so sweet and that would be really neat to have you own her. She is one of my best and I am very proud of her.

Good luck!