Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sweet little witch project

Oh, I just love this wool~thanks Crowing About Primitives! I am so excited about this little girl. She is so glammed up, already. This fabric, well, I got the idea from Back Porch Pickins Vintage Annie Doll. It is just wonderful. So, the rest of my day I am going to start Pea Pickers Kitty shaker and work on this little witch some more.

Do you see Kelly Boo in the background? She fits perfectly in a doll chair. It will be difficult to sell her, she looks so good there!

My office is a disaster area and probably will be until the weekend, then it will be clean for about a day or two and back to work I go. LOL I am gonna be stuck on Halloween probably all month. I guess that is okay. I have plenty of time for other dolls this fall.

Well, (it seems like I always say...well) I am off to work again. That sounds like I work in santa's workshop. I do make dolls~ maybe he will hire me. LMAO.


~Tonya said...

Isn't Ann's wool so nice.......and packed so ready to use! Love her wool. I used it on my newest dollie too.

Your little witchie-poo is coming right along, she is sweet and LOVE the fabric. For the life of me, I can not imagine why *smirk*.

My gosh women, do you ever sleep. I think I piddle with detail too much. My Ella took me FOREVER this time. LOL

I got my Ella done and I am going to post a pic or two.


Pea said...

Hi Jenny,
She has a sweet face. I think she is my favorite so far. Coming right along and love the fabrics too.
Got my dolly done in the nick of time. Thank goodness.
Well got to go to bed.