Friday, July 18, 2008

Skelly Stocking

My Kelly Boo Skelly was popular, so I thought I would make one as a stocking. It was really fun making this piece. I am very happy with it.
The stocking is from a Back Porch Pickins Pattern. The rest I have adapted.
I will be listing this one this weekend, as well, but I think I have already said that. LOL I will be sending out a sneak peak of all my weekends listings together, so you will have the links. I am excited about this piece and I hope it does well.

My head is still bothering me. Those benedril did not do a thing, so, I think I will go pop some more and take a little nap. I have gotten alot done, already, today. So, I can afford the down time.

Have a good day!


Michele P. said...

sorry to hear you are still feeling a bit under the weather...try excedrin migraine, and putting a nice cold cloth on your head and resting in a darkened room for a bit. If I don't have my migraine meds with me, that usually works for me!

Pea said...

Migrains are the pits Jenny. I have special meds for mine, I get them often and they make me sick to my stomach and dizzy. Maybe you should get something prescribed for them. Not fun that is for sure.
I can't do anything for days ususally. I don't know how you sew with a headache? I can't see straight to sew with one. dark rooms and drinking cold drinks only helps me a bit. Cold cloth or heat pad but heat pad in your weather wouldn't be fun.
Hope it is better soon. Don't wish those things on anyone.

Pease Porridge said...

I love all the shakers. Sooo cute!
I am surrounded by food allergies. Are headaches your only symptoms?

Jenny said...

Hi all~

Well, thanks for the kind words. I am supposed to set up a doctor appointment to get my blood tested for allergies then if that is not the case then I have to see if it is something more serious. I was researching potential issues with it and there are a number of life threatening problems associated with secondary headaches.

They seem to be coming more often, lately. It will take a few months I bet to get it all figured out. You know how doctors are.

I am just tired of them. So, we will see. Thanks for the compliments on my skeletons & shakers. Have a good weekend!

Pease Porridge said...

Or, even eye strain!? That can cause headaches. Stitching and the computer.

Well, I hope you get it figured out and it is not anything serious. I know allergies can be a hard one to nail down.

Jenny said...

Hi Jennifer~

Ya know it could be eye strain. I never thought of that. I had lasik surgery years ago so I have perfect vision, but I do strain them when I am threading my

Well I hope to find out soon..

Thanks for coming around again..Love when youdo!