Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She's a keeper.

Helga turned out just perfect. So, cute infact, that I have decided to hold onto this one. I bid on the original, so it is only fair I make her for me, right? At least for a while. You may see her come up on ebay this fall...but we'll see. For now I am enjoying her.

I have put Mr Pumpkin aside this morning to get start working on my new Helga . I found this cute purple plaid fabric that I am going to use. I was hoping to get something on E-bay tonight, when my other auctions ended..Not sure if I will have the new Helga finished or not...I will really have to bust my butt, today, if so. Otherwise, I may be putting up the Frankensteins. I will update you on the auction, if it happens. Well, I am off to work. Have a good one.

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