Monday, July 14, 2008

Puppy Love

Okay, I am slightly wierded out, right now. I could have sworn I blogged about this doll when she was finished. I know I mis-spelled my name on this picture, but I saved it that way and well unless I want to re-take the whole photo, it is stuck that And I am being lazy about that, I will admit!

I had this doll on ebay, last week. She ,along with the cat lady, did not get any bids, unfortunately. I thought I had someone interested but I have not heard, she sits on my shelf in my office. I was not too upset with her not selling cuz she is so pretty...I can hang onto her. I debated on whether to put her on ETSY, but I have not done that, yet. If you read this blog and decide you have to have her, you can just send me an email.

I am working on more Halloween stuff, today and pretty much all week. I am making a vampire shaker and OMG, so far he is just adorable. I am gonna have to make more shakers for the fall, they are so much fun displayed all together. I am also making a new Jack Skat (a BBP pattern) I made him before, one of my first creations, so I was hoping to see how I can change him a bit and if I am any better. LOL He makes such a great decoration for Halloween too, I could not resist.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Jenny,I just noticed the type O but wouldn't have had you not said anything. Hey who is BBP? I want to see this Jack Scat pattern...have a good one off to get the yard tidyed up...have a great day...
Gina :)

*Linda Pinda* said...

Well... I am so sorry you didn't sell this doll when it was listed. But for all of us who wonder right now "is it just me"??? This doll proves it isn't! If she didn't sell... then it's proof positive things are slllooowww!

Better luck next time. I'm sure the right buyer will come along and be very blessed to have this doll in her home.

Your blog is a delight!

Blessings... *Linda*

Pea said...

I really thought this one would sell. Yep, Love making them shakers.
Please go to my blog and pick up your award. YOu deserve a bit of bling on her! LOL