Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pumpkin Shaker

He is cute, isn't he. He is from another Pea Picker's pattern. I did change him a little (I added the hat and fabric w/ tulle around his neck.)

Well, I am gonna make this quick, so I can start working on my dollie now. I am just almost finished with Frankenstiens wife (shaker) she is really neat. I might not share her till I get Mr. Frankenstien finished. We'll see if I can wait that long.

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Deb's Country Crafts said...

He's really cute Jenny! Can you believe how popular Halloween stuff is right now! I have to get busy making some so I will have lots for my big show in Sept. It never used to be such a craze especially so early in the year. You never know what will be big do you? Take care, Debbie