Monday, July 7, 2008

Pumpkin project

Seems like everybody is making pumpkin dolls. So, here is my first. Well, my work in progress, anyway. She still has a ton of detail on her face with stitching and such, but she is gonna be sweet as can be, when I am finished. The fabric is so cute.

I got my wool from Crowing about primitives, so I may have to make that Helga doll..soon. First though, I have my own witch I intend to make after these girls.

If you had not noticed, I do work on more than one project at a time. It is my impatience that makes me do it, I suppose. When one thing is drying, I gotta be working on something else. I have yet to use the oven to make things dry faster, maybe I should, but I feel I would be baking all's too hot for that.

It seems people like collecting Halloween dolls. I have no bids on any of my dolls on ebay, right now. I have placed those dolls on my shelf in my office and I adore them, so I am not too upset about it because I do not mind keeping them for me.

Well, time to relax and unwind. Have a lovely evening!


~Tonya said...

Isn't halloween so much FUN Jenny! Anything goes. That is what I love about it.

Your dollies look so neat and can not wait until they are done.

So glad that you found out what was causing your headaches. My neice is allergic to the MSG in most foods too. It will be hard to stay away, I am sure.


Jenny said...

Hi Tonya~

Thanks for the compliments. Creating for Halloween is fun! I'll probably be doing it all month! lol~



Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Jenny,
I've been away, it seems just for little bit and look at all the dolls you have made. They are great. It is getting me into the season, which I really need to be.
I know you'll get some bids, and then it will be hard to pack them and send them to their new home.

Kathie said...

I stumbled over here from Back Porch Pickins and have fallen in love. Can I please have one of each. You are very talented.

Doreen said...

Hi Jenny, definately try the oven...even though it's runs at such a low doesn't seem to make it any hotter in the house.

I too LOVE making Fall/harvest/Halloween is definately my favoite to do.

Are those Old Cape Primitives dolls in the background...LUCKY YOU!!!!! I LOVE HER DOLLS!!!!

Have a wonderful evening.


Jenny said...

HI Bonnie~

Yes, I am miss scissor hands. I have been working a lot lately. But it is soooo fun!


Wow, thanks for visiting. I am honored you like my stuff. Come visit more often! :)


Well, I did some baking, today. It does dry that paint really fast!
Yes, those are Old Cape dolls. I have 5!!! yes 5. I have been collecting her stuff for two years. I love them!

Hugs to you all~