Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pumpkin Boo

I did not get nearly as much done, today, as I intended. Packing my dollies for shipping took time I forgot to consider. I am thrilled that they all have wonderful homes to go to. Skelly Boo Kelly is going all the way to Australia!

At least I finished my Pumpkin Boo. He is a wee bit different than Spooky Sauville, that I made back in March or April, but cute none the less.

He will be listed this weekend for our Whispered Secrets of a Primitive Past group launch that starts Sunday. I was hoping to work on a few more items before then. I have 2 days, if I work on Saturday, so I am sure I can get something accomplished!

Well, I am off to get back to work, gotta head to the post office this afternoon. Enjoy your day.


Cris said...

My computer was down for about 24 hours and I about went nuts! My sis told me about your dollies all selling! WOW I am so happy for you! I can just see the beautiful Christmas dolls you will have up when Halloween is over. It has been pretty slow for me, but I figure I will re-list some things after school starts and don't have as much time to create (I work with special needs pre-schoolers). I am pretty pooped at the end of those days. Have a great day, happy sewing! Cris

Jenny said...

Hi Chris~ I am a little late responding. I try to stay away from the computer if my head hurts..

Sorry to hear it is slow. It is weird for me. I feel fortunate my dolls sold. But I went a week with nothing, still have 3 dolls that did not sell, but I will hang onto those as well.