Monday, July 14, 2008

Not so hideous

Gosh, I am so happy with Helga, already. She is a Back Porch Pickins pattern, if you did not know.

Her name is Hideous Helga, but of course I had to make her pretty..and honestly, pictures do not do her justice (since her nose gets in the way) I also must say, I was putting her off for a while cuz I was not so sure about making her hideous. Yeah right, she is my favorite..again. I keep re-inventing my

I cannot wait to share her when she is finished. I may list her when my other dolls are finished on ebay, which is only 2 days away, I think. I better get crackin! I am so tempted to keep her, though. LOL
I hope you all had a very productive Monday. I am making up for that lazy weekend I had.


~Tonya said...

Yup, her big ole nose gets in the way of picture taking LOL

That is why I called her Hedious Helga..although when I made her, I still thought she was a pretty witch, in her own way.

Like I said in the pattern...with a gentle soul.

Have fun with her, she is off to a great start and have fun with being a better wife. LOL

I didn't get much done today...maybe tomorrow. We shall see.


Jenny said...

Okay Tonya, Is it Hedious? not my bad if it is.. I am terrible about reading ever detail of the patterns, Too anxious to just start making her..

She is a fabulous desing. I love what you did with her mouth and eyes...I am about finished with her, except the clay item she will hold and I must say she is jsut fabulous..thanks so much Tonya for allowing all of us to creat fun!!

~Tonya said...

OMG I spelled it wrong too.....GO FIGURE!!!!D

A couple of boneheads we are.

Hey, at least we can laugh at ourselves. I do it all the time.