Saturday, July 26, 2008

Working on the weekend

Besides getting my listings ready for e-bay, today..I will be working on on a cute girly and her funny rag doll. I really like how her dress is turning out. I put a collar and cuffs on it. There is a lot more detail to work on, today. But, I am hoping it is a very productive one.

I am pretty tired. Gin woke us up a couple times (again) last night. She has been on medicine for her incontinence for 2 weeks now, but it has not been working. So, she climbs the stairs (click click click) "come change my bed" So, we pretty much went from a geriatric cat to now a dog. Lovely.
Thank goodness Shadow is still young. We'll have a decade of cleanliness before we have to deal with it again.

Well, I should get to work. It is already 10am and I have not gotten a thing done, yet. Have a good weekend!


Cris said...

I can't believe all the cute dolls you are making! You are going to live at the post office come October! Sorry about your pet troubles. That is so aggravating. I remember my Siamese cat lived 16 years and she couldn't get up the steps anymore to the bedrooms, and then one Saturday morning I was sleeping in and I heard her slowly come up the steps and she looked at me in my bed, let out a very loud meow and promptly fell over dead. It was so dramatic and sad! Well, have a great weekend~~Cris

Pease Porridge said...

We have been through some cats and dogs. Haven't we Cris? :( The saddest story is Lassie our dog. We will not even go there. Speaking of Lassie, I am listening to the song, "Always On My Mind", perfect song for sobbing over a lost pet. I do not know what I will do when Tamale gets bad off. I noticed she is getting gray hairs! My baby.


Shay said...

Hi Jenny,
Oh I just love all the fall fabrics! You received some wonderful picks! I love all of your new dolls. They are so adorable and so fun! Just so full of whimsy!

Aww I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. I hope it gets to feeling better. I know how close an animal can become to ones heart. We have a dog and two kitties and we just love them!

Best of luck with your wonderful creations on ebay!