Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Hideous Helga on Ebay (tonight)

Wow, I am finished! I wrote myself a strict schedule of what I wanted to accomplish hour by hour. I checked each item off my list as I went along and WALA~ I got her done!

She will be listed tonight at 10:30 Mountain Time.

Press here to view her auction.

I decided to put her on before this weekends group launch because I knew Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitives was making one for that. I did not want to compete with her...she is my friend! :) Anyhooo. I am very happy with my new version of Helga. I am still holding onto her twin sister, at least till fall. Here is a picture of them together. I had a lot of fun making these dolls. I actually like blind stitching..maybe cuz I have two years of schooling in I am good at it. I always like doing something I am good at. LOL If I suck, well I am a sore loser and hate it.

Now, my neck is tweeked cuz I worked without a break all day. I am gonna get some stretches in and relax for wee bit. Have a good one!


~Tonya said...

WOW Jenny!! Aren't you fast! One yesterday, one today and then the Pumpkin guy and dracula shaker in gosh women. I think I would be a little loopy.

I would have loved to have kept my Helga! I am glad you are keeping one, if only for a while. :)

I wish you luck on your Helga. They look so neat sitting there together.


Jenny said...

Hi Tonya,

Actually, the pther Helga was I have had no problems this week, so far..Thank goodness. I think I am really getting the hang of it. THe second one I was so organized..I normally cannot get a doll finished in one day...but since I just made her, well I knew how to manage my time better.

I am happy that you like them..there are a lot of Helga's out there to compare.. I think I did a great job. It is hard to be humble when I feel proud of myself...oh well. Thanks again!


Doreen said... are working so fast these days!!! Love the dolls..they are wonderful and those noses are hysterical!!!

Best of luck with the auction!


Pease Porridge said...

They look so cute together! Wow, Upholstery School. I wish I had gone to upholstery school. That would be much more useful in my life. Anyway, I logged on late to ebay last night and you had a couple minutes left on your dolls and it looked like they had a bunch of bids! I was so excited ! Skelly was already over. Did she go?