Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Shakers

This Kitty Shaker was made from a Pea Pickers Primitives Pattern & the Skeleton was made from a Back Porch Pickins Pattern.

Are you ready for Halloween? Gosh, it seems like I am.

I know I am gonna decorate this year. No plans for a party, but I just love decorating!

I had to take a picture of the four shakers I made together. They all look so festive.

Today, I think I will finish the Frankenstien Shakers that I started last week. They are very close to being finished, just adding bells and grunging them.

I wanted to start a devil doll, but I really would love to add red hair to her. If anyone knows how I can dye my white wool from Crowing About Primitives, please let me know. I thought it would be neat to have hair on her, but maybe she will just have to be I have also cut out osnaburg for Back Porch Pickins Hideous Helga, so maybe I will work on her.

My Bee Queen did not sell on E-bay, so I am going to add some more detail to her and either hang onto her or put her on ETSY. I have not had any major sales on ETSY, yet. A couple of paintings, I practially gave away. LOL But, Oh well I guess I am a starving artist.

I have been making dolls for 4 months now. Gosh, by the looks of this blog, you'd think I was working for longer than that. It seems longer than that, to me to. But, I looked up my first doll sale on e-bay and it was the end of March. I cannot wait till a year has gone by. That should be really neat to see how I have progressed. I still cannot beleive I sew! I SEW?! If you knew me growing up, you'd understand. :)

Well, I should be going, I have 3 loads of laundy to do and some crafting! Have a lovely Saturday!


Pease Porridge said...

I would have never of guessed you have only been at it for 4 months. Gees, by March your dolls will be made so well they might get up and walk away!

I love the cat shaker! Good luck on your latest auctions. Just remember this is a slow time of year. Just wait until fall. It WILL pick up.

Pea said...

The kitty is my favorite by far Jenny. You did a really nice job on him.
Have a good one. Don't work too hard.

Jenny said...

Pease Porridge Hot~ Great still got it in my head Pease Porridge cold. BTW Hot tamale is my favorite candy. LOL

Thanks for the kind words. I hope I can whip the dolls out this fall, then.

Hi Pea~

Thanks for the compliments. The kitty is cute, kind mean looking...LOL


Terry and Jackie said...

Hi Jenny
You were asking in your post about dyeing wool....wool is best dyed with an acid dye such as Prochem or Cushings etc. It is easy to do and safe (some people get all bent out of shape about dyeing wool...but I'm like...whatever)
If you go to my blog you will see a line full of wool fabric that I dyed up for rug hooking. Dyeing roving or wool staple is no different. If you are dyeing roving, staple, or spun wool you need to tie it loosely and be gentle so you don't get it all tangled up. The basic principle is to dissolve your dye in about a cup of hot water, add that to a pan (white enamel works well) and add more water until you have an inch or so in the bottom or enough to cover your wool. Then, you gently add your WET wool. Making sure your wool is thoroughly wet is important and because it contains lanolin it likes to stay dye so you need to add a little wetting agent like Jet Dry to the soaking water. Let your wool/dye mixture simmer...NOT BOIL...for maybe half and hour or so then acidify the dye bath with a little vinegar or citric acid. Stir Very Gently and at this point all the dye particles will attach to the wool fibres. Remove from the heat and let the dyebath cool then gently rinse to remove all the acidity and let dry. Voila...dyed wool. The coolorant used in Kool Aid is an acid dye...some of the wool you see on my blog was dyed with green KoolAid. Because KoolAid already contains citric acid you don't need to acidify it. To get a nice dark colour though you'll need 3-4 packs of koolaid. And don't use the pre-sweetened kind.
Now that I have bored you to death with the details you probably think it's a lot of work....hahaha...the other option is to mail me your wool and I'll dye it for ya.
Jackie at The Door

Terry and Jackie said...

Remember more red Koolaid means darker I would use Cherry...or buy a few kinds and use the one that looks darkest. If it doesn't turn out as dark as you want then do it again until you like the colour.
And the words of Henri Matisse..."Creativity takes courage."