Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Kitties

I have a busy day, today. I only have an hour before I have to go get my hair done. That is a 3 hour affair, then I have to stop at Michaels and the grocery store, so I won't be home for most of the day. So, I thought I would share a little bit of what I worked on last night.

I am making this little kitty head to go with my pretty little witch. (notice the coordinating fabric). I am also working on a couple more shakers. (another kitty and a skelly) Lots to do, huh? I was gonna work on my doll a bit this morning, before I left, but whoops, ran out of thread for my machine.

I was visiting with my neighbor last night..she reads my blog (hi Amy) anyway, anything new that came out of my mouth was not new...cuz she reads my blog!! LMAO Well, what the hell. Why do I have to go out to socialize now? I could move to Alaska and still be connected, right? Not that I would want to live there...burrrr. I'd prefer Aspen, but who can afford that?

Well, I have to get going to make sure I have everything on my list to buy, today. I hate when I forget something and have to go back the next day! I hope your day is cool. It is gonna be hot again, today I am sure.


windlewood said...

Oh my goodness! you have such an adorable style!!!
As soon as I unplug myself from my day I will link you to my blog!
It was a pleasure to find you and thank again for checking out My Busy Little Hen Bureau Trinket Trunk...she is sooo fun to make!

Pea said...

That is adorable Jenny. I really like that fabric.
Hope you got everything. I will be hitting the craft store on sunday after church. I live out in the country so to go to town I make it count.
Boy you make alot at once. I can't make them that fast. But I have distraction. the two legged and four legged kind. LOL
Have a good one

~Tonya said...

LOL At your "Why go out and socialize! :) I do not get out much either. My sister talked about moving to Alaska before...not for me. Too much darkness.

Love your kitty for your dollie. The extras take a lot of time, but I love adding things to my dollies.

Can't wait to see your dollie. Hope you got everything you needed...don't like going back all the time.


Anonymous said...

Hi!! What can I say, it's not enough that you live next door for me to pop over to catch up. And you'd better still keep coming out to chat!! I love it when you do :O)!! - Ami