Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Miss Bannicula Bat

Banni Bat is so sweet. I did not add the crescent moon. I am still thinking about whether I want to make it. I almost feel she is too fancy for it. I have till Friday to think about it. I am almost out of the black and white fabric..I am so bumbed about that. I cannot seem to find anymore. I will be keeping my eye open, though. It works so well with so many different fabrics.
Those of you who have watched my progress as a doll maker...remember Bailey Bat? Can we compare these two? This is when I can tell I have gotten better, just looking back at those first dolls I made. I really like this doll. Beside the outfit, which is sooo pretty, her face is adorable! It will be really hard to let this one go! She will be listed this Friday, if I can get up the nerve...lol I am a little bit ahead of myself showing all my dolls before their listings, but if I waited till the end of the week, well I would not be blogging as much. Would you miss me if I did not blog what I am doing? I could wait till I am finished instead, but how boring is that?


Cris said...

I love Bannicula! Very cute. And, yes, I would miss you if you didn't blog. I hope I can keep up with everyone when I start back to work in a couple of weeks!

Pease Porridge said...

I would miss you too.:) I love the dress. I love all of it. She looks so proud of herself. Her expression. And she should be!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

she is absolutely adorable..I love her face..and I Love that fabric...too cute..you have to blog everyday..I would miss you if you didn't...

Pea said...

If you quit blogging Jenny then who would get my butt into gear? LOL
Keep blogging. At least one of us makes a few dolls a week.

Marie Antionette said...

Don't you dare stop blogging ,now that i just started.Yes! You would be missed.Don't put the moon,Its perfect just like it is. Hugs and batty Kisses Marie Antionette

Shay said...

Oh don't stop!! I just adore your blog and seeing ALL of your beautiful creations! You do such fantastic work, you would be greatly missed!!

I love Miss Banni Bat, she is beyond adorable! You have done such a fantastic job. I agree, I love her without the moon, she is just perfect without it!
I hope you have a wonderful day Jenny, keep your chin up, sending you hugs~

Jenny said...

Wow Ladies! Thanks for all the sweet comments. I guess there is no stopping me! I appreciate the comment on Banni Bat's crescent moon. Thanks, now I do not have to work another hour trying to finish ...LOL

Hugs to you all~


LisaLectura*creations said...

Hi Jenny! Don't you dare stop! I love seeing your creations, especially your work in progress. I wish I blogged as much as you.

Miss Bannicula is adorable! Her expression is just perfect! Love it!

Creative blessings,
Lisa :)