Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I was supposed to work on a special order, today. I ended up having some issues with it, so I started Maya to give me a break. She will probably take me a couple of days, since I should be getting back to what I was making before. LOL

I like Maya's fabric. It is a vintage print, so pretty. Her hair is so kinky...I like it. It is Crowing About Primitives, Octavia. I am thinking about making her a kitty, since there are kitties all over her dress. Maybe just a kitty head, well see. I have a lot to do, today.

There is only a week left till WSOAPP's sales blog starts, so I may have to save a few items for that. I am not sure which ones as I am a bit fearful I do not have enough of a client base to sell on this type of thing. Hopefully the other artists' clients will come over and take a peak. Maybe Banni Bat, since I do not mind hold onto her for a while at least. Gosh, I sound so undecisive..not my normal behavior. I am sure when I have a good following, I won't have to worry about these types of decisions, right?


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

another very cute doll...Love the fabrics..where are you getting these?...too her hair too...Hey I have adobe photoshop 5.0 and Illustrator 8.0...does this I have the right ones.. I can call you...we have its long distance unlimited...just let me know when a good time is...

crafty said...

lov the fabric, I too would love to know where you got it.
could I please have some of what you are on !!!! How do you make these dolls so quick??? I started mine two weeks ago and I just keep staring at her!!! please let me in on your secret !!!
joan in italy