Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kelly Boo Skelly

Okay, I think I have a new favorite! This dolly is too cute to be scary, don't you think?

Kelly Boo will be listed starting this weekend. I know, I am a bit early showing her off on my blog, but I could not wait.

I absolutely love her outfit. She is the best dressed skeleton I have ever seen.

Check back on this listing to view her auction this weekend. I am off to run some errands, this afternoon. Then I will try to get that little Pumkpin doll finished.


Marie Antionette said...

Hi Jenny,Stop by to thank you for your comments and saw your Kelly Boo.She is so adorable.I think you will do well with her listing.Its not to early to put things up for the holidays.I started making my Christmas dolls and stuff just yesterday.It will take me till Christmas to get eveything made.Good Luck.I will pop over here alot,I love your things.Hugs Marie Antionette

grittyartsstudio said...

Hey there! Just stopped by your blog after getting your Seak Peek...You have really been hard at work! Your dolls just keep getting better and better...It's so fun to watch you change and grow. Keep it up girl!

Doreen said...

jenny...your things are wonderful!!!! I agree...your work just keeps getting better and better. I just love Kelly Boo. Best of luck with the auction.


Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

Hi Jenny, She is so cute. You couldn't be scared of that skeleton if you wanted to. Your not to early, I'm trying to come up with fall things now.

Jenny said...


Hi again. Wow, Christmas already. This is my first year creating dolls, so I am excited about making christmas..I may wait a bit longer, though. Get this Halloween out of me!~


My favorite painter!!!! Thanks for visiting. I am thrilled to have someone so talented and sucessful watch my progress. And you own one of my very first dolls..:) I hope I see you visiting often.


Thanks for the compliments on my progress as well. It makes me feel really good that people notice and that they are having fun watching me grow.


Fall is my favorite time of year! I miss all the trees, though, sometimes. Yes, Kelly Boo is soo cute! I have her sitting in a little chair on my desk. Gosh, I almost do not want to sell her...LOL

Hugs to you all, ladies~


Cris said...

Jenny, I really like your skeleton doll. Halloween is my all time favorite holiday to decorate for! I enjoyed your Halloween house tour. My sister and I both sell folk art paintings on ebay and we were excited to notice one of her paintings (Tangleweed) in a photo of your bathroom! We were just talking on the phone saying that if we lived closer we would come and visit you and do crafts together! Your "office" is awesome. It is so much fun when we get together and brainstorm for ideas and we love keeping up with what all the ebay artists are doing. Take care! Cris www.mommysmidwestmountain.com