Thursday, July 10, 2008

I love packages!

Look who showed up at my front door, today . Back Porch Pickin's Devious Soul Seeker. She looks like me when I get mad! LOL She gets to sit on my desk and watch me work. How neat is that?

It was gettin' a bit crowded in here, so I moved my Angel Bunny from BBP to my master bedroom. She looks so nice in there. I do not have any dolls on the wall in there, but I was looking at her last night while I was in bed and I thought she goes so perfetcly in there. My hubby did not notice, if he did he did not mention her. you like how I am slowly taking over the house with my art collection? heehee

I really hope my dolls sell on ebay, this week. I only have one more day. Cat & Dog Lovers, remember? Well, I usually get discouraged about it, but I am doing okay. You cannot please everybody. I gotta keep pluggin away at it. Hopefully, my Halloween dolls will do better.

I am gonna get back to making them shakers. Have a good afternoon.


~Tonya said...

GGrrr, I am ticked now! Had a nice loooong comment and blogger had a gliche!

I am so glad that Devious Soul Seeker arrived in perfect condition...I always worry about my dollies.

Bunny Angel is in your bedroom, I am sure she looks so pretty in there. I am sure hubby will notice sooner of later.

Thank you again Jenny. I hope you enjoy Devious.

Jenny said...

Hi Tonya! Gosh I hate that. Computers can be very irritating.

Well, thanks for commenting, regardless. Oh I love her...I am looking at her right now. She is actually really pretty...not so devious. :)

Yes, Bunny Angel (forget what you named her) is actually much more prettier in a space of her own, it bring out her colors (my bedroom is very creme and elegant, perfect for her.)

Have a good one!