Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heads on a stick

I was having fun painting those stockings. So, let me introduce my newest creations. On the left is hmmm, looks like Kelly Boo. In the middle is the devil (minus his horns) and on the right is the beginnings of a witch. Now, if I can only get them all done by Saturday!

Unfortunately, I have to get my receipts organized for my accountant this weekend. I hate taxes and paperwork...uggh.

I am sure it will never be as easy as it was when I got a w2. Oh well, the benefits of being home with my pets and creating ALL day out wiegh any of that. So, now that I have bored you with that I am working a little bit tonight, again.


Pea said...

My daughter loves that stocking. has skulls and roses in her room. I am sure it will sell well.

Jenny said...

Hi Pea~ Then she would love the scarf Cat Nap Inn made me..She has it on her blog some place.

I could always paint a stocking up for you...just let me know.