Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Frankenstien's

Well, I was kind of lazy, today. Beside these shakers that I finished, I did not get much accomplished. Oh well, some days are better than others. Besides it is the weekend.

As I sit here and write this
blog, I realize I have left my laundry in the washer for more than an
hour now....oooh, I hope they do not smell. Just wonderful.

Time to go take care of things..Have a nice weekend.


Pea said...

These are neat Jenny. Are you gonna be listing these?

Jenny said...

Hi Pea~

That is funny, cuz when I added them I wondered when I would. I have three dolls on right now and keep wondering if that is the right thing to do. Most of you all list one doll at a time. So, I may wait till our HMMMM Group launch LOL. Almost gave it away.

I probably should post that..

I hope your weekend is going well.

Jenny said...
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windlewood said...

I can so relate to this blog Jennifer!
I have had the last couple of days filled with such random things, I don't feel like I got anywhere!
You new work is adorable!
I love the colors of your Sweet Sixteen doll.

Michele P. said...

I just love all this festive Halloween/fall decor! Very pretty works of art, I love the cats (since I have 3 myself) and I can't wait until the fall season is here upon us.