Sunday, July 27, 2008

Becky & Betty

Becky is so cute holding her dolly. I love this polka dotted fabric!

I have a lot of items on auction right now. So, she will be waiting for a little bit till I list her. I will update my blog when she goes on. I am still looking forward to tomorrow. I always like Monday' that I love working, that is. I have a few doll ideas brewing in my little head, so it is gonna be fun.


anniebeez said...

I feel the same way Jenny, isn't it fun to LOVE your job! I'm going on vacation(my flight was delayed though) but when I get back it will be all dolls all the time! Yay!

Pease Porridge said...

LOVE the new dolls Jenny. I see a couple are already being claimed. I love Mondays too. I love my husband, but two days is enough. I always look forward to having my house back Monday. :)

Jennifer Pease

Doreen said...

I'm the same way too....isn't it wonderful to absolutely love your job. One of my favorite things is knowing that when it's snowing and the weather and the roads are terrible..i don't have to leave my house..and i'm always so excited to work on my next creation...I must say put me to shame with the quickness in which you crank out these little lovelies!!! And...the fact that you LOVE what you do is evident in the faces of each of your creations..they are GREAT!