Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bannicula with a dress

I'm BAAACCK. LOL I have not gotten very far with my newest creation, but non the less here she is sooo far. Bannicula is a Back Porch Pickins Pattern, but here I have made her a dress. The pattern just has her with a skirt and honestly, I was too lazy to drive all the way to JoAnn's just to get buttons, besides she looks so pretty with this dress on!

I have decided to stop working on a few projects at a time and focus on one a day. It has gotton me scatter brained and I think I get more accomplished when I am focused.

I am loving the fabric on little Miss Bannicula. I made the dress while I waited for her eyes to dry. Now it is time to attach her eyelids and little ears, needle sculpt that nose and get her painted. Then I will trim her dress while she dries again. There is gonna be a lot of hand stitching on this one...I gotta make her bat wings! She might be too cute to sell! LOl listen to me. I complain about things not selling and then I want to keep all the really pretty girls! Whatever right?

I know most of you probably don't care, but while I read Joyce Stahl's (love her dolls) about me page, I found out she lives in my home town, well a hop away anyway. I used to cruise her hood as a teenager! LMAO I am totally going to visit her next time I visit. I still would love to move back. To be closer to family and their country is prettier than our country (not the mountains-I cannot afford to live there) LOL Our Country is the plains...yuck, might as well live in Nebraska. No offense to NE (i used to live there to) Anyway, hubby won't move to Ohio (he says he hates the humidity) Oh well. A girl can dream.

I hope your morning is productive! I am going to get to work now. Adios!


Pease Porridge said...

Love the dress with all the bats! I can tell she will be a winner. Can't wait to see her finished.


bonnesinger said...

What an imagination! As always I enjoyed my visit to your blog today soooo much! thanks, bonnie