Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Witch Stocking

I finished the project I started yesterday. I think she turned out really cute. She was made from a Back Porch Pickins Pattern with bits of my own touches.

To view her auction press here.

Back to more halloween dolls. I might try Helga out. I know she is popular right now, but I want to try. I will just list her for a smaller amount than others have, so maybe she will sell. I am sure someone would love to have one for a fraction of what others were going for. I am still waiting for supplies...yes, really! SO, hopefully I will get those bobbins in by Thursday so I can get my Bee Queen finished for the weekend. Have fun, today!


The Feathered Nest said...

Jenny, your witch stocking is wonderful!! I love the stripes on the stocking...I love Tonya's patterns ~xxoo, Dawn

Jenny said...

Hi Dawn!

Thanks for your compliment. She did turn out really cute!

~Tonya said...

She reminds me of an Irish witch. Shs is so neat. You have been bitten the Halloween bug. LOL

I have gotten away from them for a little bit...but will be back.

Wishing you many bids.