Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where are my supplies?!

AHHHH. So, now what? I haven't received anything yet today. Now, I decide I need some pink wire garland, but have non and only know of one place I can get URGGH. So, here I am waiting for things to get these pretty ladies finished.

Honestly, I am not really in a hurry. I may not be listing them till little Sweet 16's auction is over. So, hopefully by then I will have my supplies and have a few days to work with them.

When i get to this point of stand still I am tempted to start a different doll. WHAT? Crazy, I know. Maybe Mr. Mail Man will save me from that, later this afternoon. I am really loving these two ladies. I have decided to name the red head "Berry Princess". She will be holding a needle felted strawberry (that should be interesting to make) and the blonde is gonna be "Queen of the bees. I know she doesn't look like a bee, but her fabric has little bee hives on it, just darling. So, I am going to try to create a little bee on a wire for her to hold. So, now that I have divulged my plans I better not have competition (at least wait till my auction is over) ~kidding~ Not that any of my friends here would do that, right? LOL

Well, my kitty looks bored, I think I will go play with her for a little while and see what else I can do till the mail comes. Have a lovely day!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Jenny you are the Evelyn scissorhands that Johnny Depp was in Edward scissorhands...I can't keep up with all the cute little dolls you are you ever sleep? lol...I too went to Joanns yesterday and bought some that store I really do..use to work shopping there way they are getting in some of their halloween fabrics...I can't wait to see that they got in...just hope its vintage looking..we had a kitty cat named bearbum and his nickname was boo-boo bear...actually he had 21 nicknames and we used them all...he probably didn't know his real name...he was the love of our lives...been 5 years now and we still miss him each and everyday...we do see alot of him in our other kittys though and that makes us smile...have a wonderful day and I hope Mr. Mail Man is good to you today...

~Tonya said...

Your dollies are coming along nicely Jenny. Can't wait to see them all finshed up.

I seem to have been bitten by the Halloween bug! It is all I want to work on. LOL

Ha, you do not have to worry about me with your queens...I am in a different time of year for dollies. ROTF


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Jenny,
I love your cats nicknames...not weird at all...I am 45 and will always have nicknames for the little have a funny story because of "bearbum" he was being supervised by his daddy and I was looking out the window and telling my husband in a demanding voice to pet my bearbum, pet my bearbum..he came in later and said he wondered what the neighbors thought...something kinky going on at the neighbors...hehehehheheheee have a good one..

Jenny said...

That is a funny story! I need more halloween fabric like I need a hole in my

Have fun this weekend, ladies!