Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trim, Trim & more time

Well, I got something in the mail, yesterday. Now, I have tons of trim. Honestly, a bit too much, if anybody wants some of the stripped or pink balls let me know. I want all that white SOOORRY.

So, I am trying to get motivated to finish that vintage annie I was working on yesterday. I need some black wire garland, though and I cannot remember if I ordered some. No big hurry, she can wait. I am still very anxious about finishing my Bee Queen. Gosh do I mention that everyday? It seems like it. I have the patience of a fly.

On a good sweet annie sold!~ YEAH. I have had two buyers, lately that also collect from some of my favorites and that is really thrilling to me. Selling to a collector may bring back repeat I hope she is in love with this dolly! I know I am and it will be a bit sad to pack her in her box and send her away! :(

My house has been really neglected this week. My office has patterns and fabric all over the floor (not really like me) Oh well, maybe I will take an hour today and vacuum and put my laundry away. House cleaning is such a bore. Every day, the dishes and making your bed. Every week dusting, vacuuming, putting laundry away. George Jetson anybody? I used to have a cleaning lady come over every other week to do all the floors and bathrooms. Yes, I had a cleaning lady...I'd still have one if she did not move away! Guess who she you know Amy Adams, the actress that was on Talladega Nights and that disney movie....Entanced? Yep, it was her mother!

So, enough of my banter, today. Maybe I can get motivated now to get the ole vacuum out! Adios Amigas!~

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