Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scary Mary

I am sharing a new doll that I had just received in the mail, yesterday. I was pressured by my hubby to open this one, and while doing so used the wrong side of his pocket knife...slicing my finger instead of the box. I immediately knew my folly and was able to seal my nice slice up before the blood started gushing! THANKS MARY! Of course, I didn't get stitches, so I am keeping it wrapped tight for a couple of weeks...that should do it.

Well, she goes perfectly in this spot with this sorta spooky abstract. ( I used to display this in my Foyer, the painting that is..but when young kids came over it gave them a fright, so now it is in my living room.)

The doll artist is Joyce Stohl from Enchanted Productions. I have bid on some of her things before, but never won any. Her dolls are "off the wall".

Well, I was kind of lazy, yesterday. I finished the kitty doll (well, I still have some stars to make for her to hold) but I am getting ready to start a new doll. I have three ideas and I am not sure which to do first. So, maybe that'll be a surprise!

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