Monday, June 23, 2008


Here is my puppy, so far. I had to take a break. He needs a bit more tailoring with the needle, but for my first attempt..I am happy with it. These dolls are gonna be really unique. I hope someone really has to have them!!

So, until I am finished with them, I am going to stop sharing their progress..but you can tell already what they are all about. They are all so darling, again, hard to sell em!

My Annie doll has a bid, already. Not surprising~ she is darling! I still hope her bids go up, though :) cuz I think she is worth it.
I won that coveted gritty arts tree painting I was bidding on! YAH, so maybe I will have a piece art art to share this week.

I ordered lots of trims and ruffles thru e-bay this weekend. The mail man must be sick of me!!

Well, I am gonna get back to work, on something. I am sure I have plenty around here to work on! Have a nice Monday!

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~Tonya said...

Your needle felted little very sweet.

Hubby sure made a bundle! WOW didn't know they were worth that much.

I am sure he will make a bunch more on the cards and hotwheels.