Monday, June 9, 2008

Old Glory Project

So, this is the kitty doll I am working on. I put her off a couple of days, but I was able to work on her here and there, today. Lots of painting on her, so I had quite a bit of down I took some time to work on my pennies while sitting in front of the TV. I normally don't like doing that, but it is actually relaxing...and Shadow loves to sit in my lap while I stitch, so that is nice. She is not a big fan of my doll making cuz she doesn't get the attention then.

I have been trying to get about 6 pennies stitched a day (that takes me about an hour!) at this rate I could be finished in about 12 days.

You know, I never heard of a penny rug until I met Pea...Thanks Pea. :) Then Tonya bought one and showed it on her blog....I thought it was really nice and thought what the heck, I should try it...How can I go wrong? (since I love working with my hands...) Well, ladies..I am enjoying it. It is relaxing, like, now I have more penny rugs in mind to make. Now, I only have two more new things to learn, this summer. ~Crocheting & Hook Rugging.~


Melissa said...

Hello, I found your site through Back Porch Pickins. I just wanted to tell you that I think your work is just amazing! Have a great day! Melissa

Pea said...

I just love Penny Work Jenny. I started doing it for me and then for friends. Tonya has my favorite piece I ever did. It is just very relaxing. Go check out colonial crafts. they have a TON of patterns and oh sooo fun. Gloria Sanchez is one of my favorite designers. And Need'l Love are my fav books. OMG there are a million rugs for me to do some day.
Have a great day and your dolly will be wonderful.