Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Golly Miss Molly

Molly Ringwald, that is who she reminds me of. "Pretty In Pink" This is what I am up to, today. I forgot to coffee stain her before I put her hairdo on...whoops.

I guess I was so excited about seeing what she was going to look like. The fabric is really fun and I just love how that trim turned out. Thanks Tonya. How fun is she?

She will go so well in a little girls room, wouldn't she? So, I still have plenty to do on her. I just thought I would share while her stockings dry. I cannot wait till she is all grunged and I put on her pretty pink cheeks.

Well, I must get going so I can work on her some more. I hope everyone else is having as much fun creating!


Pea said...

Oh she will be really cute when she is done Jen. Nice job on her.
i know the feeling about getting excited to finish. i get excited too.
have a good one i am off to work.

~Tonya said...

She does remind me of Molly! LOL Love the fabric and that trim together.

I get excited too...that is why I stay up till the wee hours in the morning. Now if someone told me I had too...I of course, would NOT! :)

How are you going to stain her with her hair on? That could be kinda tricky. Good Luck.

Have FUN creating Jenny.

Jenny said...

Hi Pea,

Thanks for the compiment. You work late, too? She is so fun, I know!



Jenny said...

Hi Tonya,

I am making her theme Sweet 16, so Ihope that she will do okay. I am staining her as we speak...LOL I think it will be okay, I just have to be very maticulous!