Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Neat doll by Jane

Here is a new doll that I won on ebay, by Jane from Gritty Arts Studio. I really wanted one of her dolls that had the new clay faces, so when I saw this one...I thought how perfect. I do not have many Americana dolls and I just fell in love with the constitution fabric.
I keep seeing all this cool fabric on dolls lately and it makes me want to search for some interesting dids, myself. Unfortuately, I already have a closet of full of fabric, so I am gonna hold off on that endevour.
I did get my hands on a Grimmitive witch listed on Pfatt market place, today. I have been wanting one ever since Kaf, from Old Cape has been making them. I also won a much covetted Joyce Stohl doll this week, as well.

One of my all time favorites is still Back Porch Pickins. Tonya's dolls are always so sweet and whimsical. She puts so much care and thought into them. Plus, she is a lovely friend and inspiration, I think, to many people. That is what makes her so special. There are plenty of woman who can create dolls, thanks to her. That is wonderful.
Anyway, today I am hoping to finish the Old Glory Kitty doll and work on my penny rug, again. It is supposed to be in the 90's, today! What the? I am not ready for this heat, yet! I hope the summer isn't too hot to soon.


~Tonya said...

Your dollie from Jane is so neat. Love the clay faces on them. I have yet to try something like that.

Jenny, you are too sweet. Your kind words are very appreciated.

Thank you so much Jenny.

You take care and I hope it doesn't stay too hot for you.


Pea said...

very sweet dolly Jenny.
I have that fabric and I am aging it for a bit longer. LOL Only have one pitiful yard though. LOL