Friday, June 6, 2008

My New Hook Rug

This rug is so pretty. It was made by Cathy Meyer of Hooked on Primitives. I placed it on the desk in the library. The granite is so cold, this works perfectly to rest our arms on when we are on the computer. I love the colors.
I already finished my Americana Vintage Annie, believe it or not. I will blog pictures of her soon.
I am not sure if I can wait to list her on the 14th. So, we will see. I think I have time before then to finish another, she very well may go up on auction this afternoon. See, I told you I have not patience! :)
I am going to clean up my office a little, then start working on my next doll, Tibbles "The Olde Glory Kitty-Cat" (pattern by Pack Porch Pickins.)

1 comment:

~Tonya said...

I love that rug Jenny. I only hope to make a hooked rug...someday.

Well, I am on dial up! Don't know what happend to my wireless.....grrrrr.

I will see if I have patience to leave a comment on your other posts.