Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First Penny Rug Kit

I received this penny rug kit, yesterday from Rag a Muffin on ETSY. I actually already organized all the circles together..So, I am ready to start stitchen. I made my honey help a little bit. lol. He kept saying, can't you get your machine to stitch all that. That's a lot of work, he says.
I am actually a bit more excited about this one, rather than the hook, I will finish this one first. Much easier! I did order a pretty finished hook rug for the library, so I can really tell what they are supposed to look like in the end. Still a bit intimidated, but I have not researched those sites Red Door Primitives provided me with. I think I am waiting for the hook :) Good excuse, right?

It is rainy and cool here in Denver. I like it though, it is rarely cool here in the summer. It reminds me of Ohio (that is where I grew up, if you did not know.)

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