Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Molly ~Sweet 16~

I am posting my sweet 16 on my blog a few days early. She will be listed on E-bay this Saturday for seven days.

She is so cute, I am really going to have a hard to saying goodbye to her.

Click here to view her listing (starts Saturday, June 21st at 10am PDT for 5 days)

The last time I checked I had no bids on any of my Americana Dolls. Lately, I got bids at the last hopefully that is the case.

I have been pumping dolls out like crazy, lately. Maybe I am making up for time I wasted last month. It is just too much fun to do anything else. I would be doing it almost every waking hour if I had a I hope everyone is fortunate enough to be doing something they enjoy.

Don't stop praying for guidance. This is what I received after many years of asking. I just knew I wanted to create and well if you know me, you know I have created all kinds of things. I never thought I would be making dolls. I am blessed and I am thankful, everyday to be able to do it.

Well, I have wasted too much time bloggin', today. Thanks for visiting. I gotta go clean something! HUGS

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~Tonya said...

I am glad that you found doll making and that is brings you so much joy, from it.

Your dollie does remind me of Molly, in Pretty in Pink.

I know that if there was a reason that I could not make dollies....I think that would be very difficult for me. I enjoy making dolls so much.

Have a great day Jenny.