Monday, June 16, 2008

Matilda Grimm

Look what I got in the mail! My very first Grimm Witch! Now, my Old Cape Primitive collection is complete. Three bunnies, 2 Annies and witch! Yah.
I am excited because I have been wanting one of her witches for a long time. I was really lucky to have jumped on this when it came up on PFATT Marketplace. (One of my favorite online shops!)

Pretty soon I can charge admission to my little doll museum....right ladies? LOL Well, I am content at the moment. I have received a ton of goodies the last few weeks and as long as little miss Back Porch Pickins doesn't make anything I cannot live without, well I think I should be fine with my spending for a while....LOL You know what I mean, Tonya!!

Anyway, I have been down the last couple of days with a frickin headach...yes, again. They suck! I think it was from the single beer I decided to have on Saturday night. I am not a drinker anymore and honestly, I think I am allergic to it (if that makes sense) UGGH. I should know better, huh?

I am sitting here with a hot pack on my shoulders and neck, trying to forget about it enough to start working on that cute Americana Girl. She is going to be called "Independence." She is almost finished and is really adorable.


~Tonya said...

Feel Better Jenny! It is no fun having a headache. My arm is very swollen from a shot I got....that was last wednesday!

I think I may have to go in. Grrrr. I could not hardly move it at first, for almost 3 days.

Well my dear, your collection is beautiful. Have fun working on Independence.

And yes, most men are dreamers. That is why women are pull that back down to reality. LMAO.

Have a great day.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

there was someone on ebay that does what we do and she did get 1000 for her item..I know one of her items that I saw got about 700...unreal..wish I could do that...hope you are feeling better..put some lavendar cream on your temples, earlobe and behind your may help to relax you...Sensaria has this center pulse cream...and it works..

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, yes, Jenny...
I will have to second that.. that someone did get over a thousand for a mouse set the Christmas of 2006, I believe it was...

and take good old Motrin and lots of water for that mean ole headache.. ... I am allergic to beer and red wine.. so go ahead and pour me a kahlua and cream... would ya... LOL....

Have fun creating!

Hugs and Blessings,

Jenny said...


Oh, sorry to hear about your arm. That is no fun. I hope you feel better soon and it is not anything serious.



Jenny said...

Wow, so it is possible, then. Interesting. I wish I could see that set.

I kept a hot pack on my shoulders and napped on the couch a few hours here and there and I think I am rid of that nasty headache.

I have tried powerful drugs, but it seems it just takes time, pressure and heat. Oh well.

I did finish my Independence doll though and she is fabulous!

Hugs to you both~