Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little brick

I won this little brick from Karen at Cotton Pickin Ranch. It is itty bit and is sitting on my shelf in my office. I cannot believe I got it for what I did, too. Sorry Karen.

I am working on "Sweet 16" this morning. I have coffee stained her already and put her pink cheeks on and oh my I think she is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I am going to be really sad to part with her. I hope she does okay for her unique theme. But, it goes perfectly with her and well, I will make the embellishments removable so she can be displayed without 'em. I would love to make her again, but I am almost out of that trim, I really think that makes her outfit darling. Oh well, if I ever get a request for her again, I will just have to find something suitable.

I worked on my penny rug yesterday afternoon while watching "The Jule of the Nile" and "Weeds" last night, so that is coming along...I still have 100 pennys' to go! FEEWWW! I really have to force myself to stop making dolls to work on it. It is fun, but doll making is so much more!

Have a lovely hump day, everyone. I am off to finish my dolly now. ~Hugs~


Diane Duda said...

Your new doll is just too cute Jenny!!! I just love her. :)


Jenny said...

Oh Diane,

Thanks so much. Coming from another veryu whimsical artist that means ALOT.