Friday, June 6, 2008

Just in time

Just when I started to feel a bit sad, I looked out on the porch and look who arrived! Isabella, my special order from Tonya (Back Porch Pickins.) Her boxes are always such a treat to open. All the pretty paper and the yummy candles. I could not frown, any longer.

Isabella is really adorable and I think she will sit right where she is. Of course, I am running out of workspace, but who cares, right?

I am not motivated, right now to work on Tibbles. Too much going on in my head, today. After receiving the bad news, well I just want to veg. Does anyone else get that way? I should be working on my penny rug or maybe taking pictures at the gardens instead, but I just don't feel like it. LOL Honestly, I would just like to sit here and look at my new dolly for a while. :)

Today is First Friday (a gallery show opening held once a month in the artsy parts of town) I thought about heading to that tonight, but I think I am just not up to much. I understand that god did not want us to have that home, but I am beginning to wonder if he has other plans for us other than the farm idea....just not knowing is the hardest part for me.
So, at this point I am done looking and I just want to enjoy my gorgeous home and make dolls all summer. I hope my husband does not drag me out again to look at property for quite a while...cuz I am tired of the ride and want to get off.

Oh and yes, this is the third post today....geez I must need someone to talk


~Tonya said...

WOW! You sure got her quick. I just mailed her out on Wednesday.

So glad that she could put a smile on your face. I just got those candles and thought I had to share with of course I had to place them in a prim lil bag. :)

I hope you like your Sweet Isabella and your candles Jenny. Thank you so much.

So sorry to hear of your bad news on your home. The time just is not right.

Take Care.

Pea said...

What a joy Tonya's boxes are. Too get a dolly would be such a treat.
I am sorry to hear of the house. Waiting for what God has planned can be very difficult at times. But if He let you know everything before the time is right there would be no surprises and sometimes those are so wonderful would you really want to spoil the excitment?
I hope you find peace my friend.
God Bless you

Cotton Pickin' Ranch said...

Oh Jenny, I am absolutely sure there is another country home out there for that you will like even better. Maybe one with more trees (that's my issue with so many western homes) I have to have big trees. Hang in there will all work out...I just know it!
Hugs, Karen