Monday, June 30, 2008

Shake Shake Shake

I wish I had more photo's to add, but none yet, I have been a little slow on my feet today. Feel a darn headache coming on and I just popped a vicodin...that should make me feel GOOOD.

This is the doll I purchased from Ivonne at The Crackling Crows. She is darling. I just ordered the same fabric for one of my own dolls. Don't you just love her background in this picture? I do!

Anyway, I started those shakers this morning. My neighbor and good friend is having a halloween bash and I told her she has to have these! I wish I would have had these for my party, last year. So, I ordered another pattern from Pea. I hope I do them justice. Plus, I think I may try Mr. & Mrs. Frankenstien..I do not have a pattern for those, so that should be hmmm should I say fun or scary! LOL They are gonna be so neat. I may have to let her rent some of my decorations. I spent so much money last year on them and it was quite a bit of work to put them all up.

I am so hoping I get my hair from Crowing About Primtives, today...and some much needed bobbins!

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Crowing About Primitives said...

Jenny can you tell me where to order that fabric I saw it and just love it.. thank you Ann